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The Saga of Corkscrew Records

Although the trio has been in existence for several years, first as a rhythm section and then as an independent unit, the genesis of Corkscrew Records can be traced to drummer Tom Hassett's "studio" in San Francisco. Tucked into the north slope of what is fast becoming one of the city's most desirable and congested neighborhoods, the studio is a work space, practice facility with drum set and green-painted upright piano, listening library, sanctuary from the 21st century, and exhibit of sundry proclivities. (A centerpiece is the Crosley Shelvador fridge.)

Here, beginning in 2004 or so, Times Three held practice/discussion/pizza/red wine sessions that soon became a cornerstone of our approach to the jazz piano trio "canon," a loose one to begin with. Along with the name Times Three itself, "Corkscrew Records" was generated at one of these sessions as the wine flowed and each of our connoisseurships was furthered in that regard. Amid the visual curiosities lining the walls of the studio and the profusion of LPs and CDs available for ready reference, we came to feel that the corkscrew motif (in bassist Scott Chapek's splendid rendering) was the appropriate emblem of our endeavor. Plus, like the trio, the corkscrew can be defined as a spiraling extractive mechanism, geared toward enjoyment.

A listener will soon realize that an important aspect of our trio studies involves the use of 5/4 and 7/4 (so far) time signatures. As the studio corkscrew did its work and the ideas flowed and the musical train wrecks accumulated, an appreciation and enthusiasm of "5" and "7" was developing. As we continue to internalize these musical forms (along with good zins and pinots), our avidity and abilities grow, however haltingly and with the occasional annoying cul-de-sac.


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